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CFG dododd

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CFG dododd

Post by Sfinx on Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:36 am


                      [-==* For use only with Counter-Strike 1.6 No-Steam *==-]

                  Config Succesfully LoadEd [ -d0d0- ]

                                ( Scripting Config's 2010 By -d0d0- )                               

name "-d0d0-"


bind "w"      "+forward"
bind "s"      "+back"
bind "a"      "+moveleft"
bind "d"      "+moveright"
bind "~"      "toggleconsole"
bind "y"      "messagemode"
bind "mwheelup" "+duck"
bind "u"      "messagemode2"
bind "g"      "drop"
bind "m"      "chooseteam"
bind "o"      "buyequip"
bind "TAB"    "+showscores"
bind "MOUSE2"  "+attack2"
bind "MOUSE1"  "+attack"
bind "ESCAPE"  "cancelselect"
bind "SPACE" "+jump"
bind "~"      "toggleconsole"
bind "f"      "ultimate"
bind "z"      "radio1"
bind "x"      "radio2"
bind "c"      "radio3"
bind "t"      "impulse 201"
bind "b"      "buy"
bind "i"      "say -rE-"
bind "`"      "toggleconsole"
bind "l"      "say /ToP15"
bind "["      "say --==Ak47 [vs] M4a1==--"
bind "]"      "say *_--=dEagLe=--_*"
bind "q"      "lastinv"
bind "1"      "slot1"
bind "2"      "slot2"
bind "3"      "slot3"
bind "p"      "say /RaNksTaTs By -d0d0-"
bind "v"      "say BaFTa alLz Eu iEs"
bind "4"      "slot4"
bind "5"      "slot5"
bind "6"      "slot6"
bind "7"      "slot7"
bind "8"      "slot8"
bind "9"      "slot9"
bind "0"      "slot10"
bind "mwheeldown" "+duck"
bind ","      "buyammo1"
bind "."      "buyammo2"
bind "capslock"      "+strafe"
bind "e"      "+use"
[__________Buy Gun__________] 

bind "F1" "usp;vesthelm;hegren;secammo"
bind "F2" "galil;famas;primammo;vesthelm;defuser;hegren;secammo"
bind "F3" "ak47;m4a1;primammo;vesthelm;defuser;hegren;secammo"
bind "F4" "deagle;defuser;hegren;secammo;flash"
bind "F6" "mp5;primammo;vesthelm;defuser;hegren;secammo"
bind "F7" "defuser;primammo;vesthelm;hegren;secammo"
bind "F8" "awp;hegren;primammo;secammo"                         
[__________Bunny Hop__________]

alias +bhop "alias _special @bhop;@bhop"
alias -bhop "alias _special"
alias @bhop "special;wait;+jump;wait;-jump"

[__________Wirl Wind__________] 

alias +whirlwind "cl_yawspeed 2850;w;+left;w;w;w;w;w;-left;cl_yawspeed 210;+duck"
alias -whirlwind "-duck"
bind "ctrl" "+duck"
bind"ctrl" "duck"

alias weap_t weap_left
alias weap_left "alias weap_t weap_right; setinfo lefthand 1; wait; wait; wait; weapon_knife; wait; wait; wait; lastinv"
alias weap_right "alias weap_t weap_left; setinfo lefthand 0; wait; wait; wait; weapon_knife; wait; wait; wait; lastinv"
bind "alt" "weap_t"

[__________CL Menu__________]

cl_logofile "8ball1"
cl_togolor "#Valve_Black"
cl_cmdrate "60"
cl_updaterate "40"
cl_download_ingame "1"
cl_allowdownload "1"
cl_allowupload "1"
cl_dlmax "9999"
cl_forwardspeed "400"
cl_sidespeed "400"
_cl_autowepswitch "0"
_snd_mixahead "0.1"
ati_npatch "0"
cl_lw "1"
cl_lc "1"
ati_subdiv "0"
cl_cmdbackup "2"
cl_backspeed "400"
cl_righthand "1"
cl_himodels "1"
cl_showfps "0"
cl_bob "0"
cl_bobcycle "100"
cl_bobup "0"
cl_pitchspeed "4"
cl_picmip "2"
cl_idealpitchscale "0.8"
cl_anglespeedkey "1"
cl_timeout "305"
cl_movespeedkey "0.400"
cl_dynamiccrosshair 0
cl_rate 25000
cl_crosshair_color "999 999 999"
cl_corpsestay "180"
gl_ssprieteblend "0"
bind "F5" "screenshot"

[__________Console Color__________]

Green - 000 255 000
Red - 255 000 000
Purple - 235 000 235
Blue (Teal) - 000 200 200
Standard - 255 155 050
White - 255 255 255
Dark Blue - 000 000 255


setinfo "dm" "1"
setinfo "righthand" "0"
setinfo "ah" "1"
setinfo "vgui_menus" "1"
setinfo "ghosts" "0"
setinfo "friends" "0"


lookspring  "0"
lookstrafe  "0"
rate        "25000"
bottomcolor  "6"
topcolor    "30"
joystick    "0"
sensitivity  "3"
deathmatch  "1"
contimes    "4"
viewsize    "120"
fastsprites  "0"
max_shells  "0" //120
fps_modem "0"
mp_decals    "0" //300
fps_max      "120"
zoom_sensitivity_ratio "0.78"
console      "1"
crosshair    "1"
ex_interp    "0.1"
gamma        "4"
brightness  "4"
fakelag      "0"
dev_overview "0"
developer    "0"

alias  sal                  "amx_tsay yellow Re aLL"
alias  pa                  "amx_tsay yellow Bye aLL"
alias  tero                "amx_tsay red TeRo Nu mai campati buneti bomba !!"
alias  res                  "amx_restart 1 !!!"
alias  ct                  "amx_tsay blue CoUnTer-11 PaZ1Ti x-urile nu mai atacati!"
alias  live                "amx_tsay blue L1vE ! L1vE ! L1vE !"
alias  bmb                  "amx_tsay red BomBa ! BomBa ! BomBa !"
alias  s1                  "amx_slayteam 1"
alias  s2                  "amx_slayteam 2"
alias  ip                  "amx_showip"
alias  who                  "admin_who"
alias  asd                  "amx_who"
alias  s                    "amx_say Va rugam sa pastrati un limbaj decent pe server, In caz Contrar veti fi pedepsiti cu llama/kick/ban!!"
alias  d                    "amx_say Jocul Este Free GamE ///= Dar bomba trebuie Pusa || CT DefuSe"                                       

bind e "+use"
[__________No Recoil__________]

alias +antirclbind "+attack; +lookdown;"
alias -antirclbind "-attack; -lookdown;"
alias antircl antirclon
alias antirclon "bind mouse1 +antirclbind; alias antircl antircloff;"
alias antircloff "bind mouse1 +attack; alias antircl antirclon;"
bind "F9" "antircl;spk fvox/beep;"

alias    +thechosen      "+recoilfire1"
alias    -thechosen      "-recoilfire1"

//recoil step 1 (VERY few **n0th1ng so to speak**)
alias    +recoilfire1      "cl_pitchspeed 1; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire1      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 2
alias    +recoilfire2      "cl_pitchspeed 1.5; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire2      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 3
alias    +recoilfire3      "cl_pitchspeed 2; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire3      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 4
alias    +recoilfire4      "cl_pitchspeed 2.5; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire4      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 5
alias    +recoilfire5      "cl_pitchspeed 3; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire5      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 6
alias    +recoilfire6      "cl_pitchspeed 3.5; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire6      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 7
alias    +recoilfire7      "cl_pitchspeed 4; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire7      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 8
alias    +recoilfire8      "cl_pitchspeed 4.5; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire8      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 9
alias    +recoilfire9      "cl_pitchspeed 5 +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire9      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

//recoil step 10 (VERY much **overkill**)
alias    +recoilfire10      "cl_pitchspeed 5.5; +lookdown; +attack"
alias    -recoilfire10      "cl_pitchspeed 225; -lookdown; -attack"

alias    more        buffer2
alias    less        buffer1

bind    kp_plus        more      // increases the effect of noRecoil. the higher the value the more accurate you shoot... depends on weapon...
bind    kp_minus      less      // decreases above explained effect.
bind    kp_enter      activetoggle  // press this button once and you'll receive a notice whether the script is loaded or not

[__________Fast Zoom__________]

alias "+awpzoom" "+attack2;w3;+attack"
alias "-awpzoom" "-attack2;w2;-attack2;w2;-attack;slot2;w2;slot1;w2;-attack2 "
bind "MOUSE3" "+awpzoom"

bind r "+reload"
alias "+reload" "+reload"
alias "-reload" "-reload"

[__________Fast 180__________]

alias "fast" "fps_max 0;cl_yawspeed 3600;w;+left;w;-left;w;+left;w;-left;w;fps_max 100;cl_yawspeed 210"
bind "f" "fast"
alias w "wait"

alias 5w "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias 20w "5w;5w;5w;5w"
alias 60w "20w;20w;20w"
alias "sc" "sc_on"
alias "sc_on" "cl_dynamiccrosshair 1; slot2; +duck; 60w; cl_lw 0; wait; -duck; alias sc sc_off"
alias "sc_off" "cl_dynamiccrosshair 0;cl_lw 1; alias sc sc_on"
bind "v" "sc"

[__________Press V__________]

alias +hsoff "+attack"
alias -hsoff "-attack"
alias +hsgren "+attack"
alias -hsgren "-attack;bind mouse1 +hson"
alias +hsbomb "+attack"
alias -hsbomb "-attack;bind mouse1 +hson"
alias +reak "cl_pitchspeed 3.9; cl_yawspeed 0.7;
+attack; +lookdown; +right" alias -reak "cl_pitchspeed 300; cl_yawspeed
250; -attack; -lookdown; -right" bind mouse1 "+reak"

[__________Weapon Hand__________]                                       

alias left_hand "cl_righthand 0; alias next_hand right_hand"
alias right_hand "cl_righthand 1; alias next_hand left_hand"
alias next_hand left_hand
bind "capslock" "next_hand"


alias "volmin" "volume 0.0;d1;echo MINIMUM VOLUME;d0;alias volup vol01;alias voldn volmin"
alias "vol01" "volume 0.1;d1;echo Volume 05% |*__________________|;d0;alias volup vol02;alias
voldn volmin"
alias "vol02" "volume 0.2;d1;echo Volume 10% |_*_________________|;d0;alias volup vol03;alias
voldn vol01"
alias "vol03" "volume 0.3;d1;echo Volume 15% |__*________________|;d0;alias volup vol04;alias
voldn vol02"
alias "vol04" "volume 0.4;d1;echo Volume 20% |___*_______________|;d0;alias volup vol05;alias
voldn vol03"
alias "vol05" "volume 0.5;d1;echo Volume 25% |____*______________|;d0;alias volup vol06;alias
voldn vol04"
alias "vol06" "volume 0.6;d1;echo Volume 30% |_____*_____________|;d0;alias volup vol07;alias
voldn vol05"
alias "vol07" "volume 0.8;d1;echo Volume 35% |______*____________|;d0;alias volup vol08;alias
voldn vol06"
alias "vol08" "volume 1.0;d1;echo Volume 40% |_______*___________|;d0;alias volup vol09;alias
voldn vol07"
alias "vol09" "volume 1.3;d1;echo Volume 45% |________*__________|;d0;alias volup vol10;alias
voldn vol08"
alias "vol10" "volume 1.5;d1;echo Volume 50% |_________*_________|;d0;alias volup vol11;alias
voldn vol09"
alias "vol11" "volume 1.7;d1;echo Volume 55% |__________*________|;d0;alias volup vol12;alias
voldn vol10"
alias "vol12" "volume 1.9;d1;echo Volume 60% |___________*_______|;d0;alias volup vol13;alias
voldn vol11"
alias "vol13" "volume 2.1;d1;echo Volume 65% |____________*______|;d0;alias volup vol14;alias
voldn vol12"
alias "vol14" "volume 2.3;d1;echo Volume 70% |_____________*_____|;d0;alias volup vol15;alias
voldn vol13"
alias "vol15" "volume 2.5;d1;echo Volume 75% |______________*____|;d0;alias volup vol16;alias
voldn vol14"
alias "vol16" "volume 2.9;d1;echo Volume 80% |_______________*___|;d0;alias volup vol17;alias
voldn vol15"
alias "vol17" "volume 3.2;d1;echo Volume 85% |________________*__|;d0;alias volup vol18;alias
voldn vol16"
alias "vol18" "volume 3.5;d1;echo Volume 90% |_________________*_|;d0;alias volup vol19;alias
voldn vol17"
alias "vol19" "volume 3.7;d1;echo Volume 95% |__________________*|;d0;alias volup volmax;alias //r//
voldn vol18"
alias "volmax" "volume 4.0;d1;echo MAXIMUM VOLUME;d0;alias volup volmax;alias voldn vol19"
alias "volup" "vol03"
alias "voldn" "vol01"
alias set "wait4; admin_rcon mp_fadetoblack 0; wait4; admin_rcon mp_maxrounds 100; wait4; admin_rcon mp_startmoney 800; wait4; admin_rcon mp_freezetime 9; wait4"

alias lame "admin_restart 1; svinit; wait1s; admin_say Prepare for KNIFE ROUND; wait1s; admin_say Teams get ready to start; admin_rcon sv_restart 1; wait1s; admin_say GL and HF both teams; admin_rcon sv_restart 5; wait5s; admin_say Knife ROUND is ON. Drop your weapon and/or bomb at home!"

alias start "admin_restart 1; svinit; wait1s; admin_say 1st RESTART; wait1s; admin_say Teams get ready to start; admin_rcon sv_restart 1; wait1s; admin_say 2nd RESTART; wait1s; admin_say GL and HF both teams; admin_rcon sv_restart 5; wait5s; admin_say PGL GAME IS ON !"

alias 1warmup "wait4; admin_fadetoblack 0; wait4; admin_maxrounds 0; wait4; admin_roundtime 1.75; wait4; admin_startmoney 16000; wait4; admin_freezetime 0; wait4"
alias incalzire "admin_restart 1; 1warmup; wait1s; admin_say WARM ROUND;admin_fadetoblack 0"

alias w3 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias w2 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias wl "w2;w2"
alias w6 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias rr1 "admin_restart 1;w;w;w;admin_restartround 1;w;w;w;admin_restartround 5;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl;wl"
alias l1 "admin_ssay  [d0d0------------------------------------------d0d0];w6"
alias l2 "admin_ssay  [-d0d0----------------------------------------d0d0-];w6"
alias l3 "admin_ssay  [--Live--------------------------------------Live--];w6"
alias l4 "admin_ssay  [---Live------------------------------------Live---];w6"
alias l5 "admin_ssay  [----Live----------------------------------Live----];w6"
alias l6 "admin_ssay  [-----Live--------------------------------Live-----];w6"
alias l7 "admin_ssay  [------Live------------------------------Live------];w6"
alias l8 "admin_ssay  [-------Live----------------------------Live-------];w6"
alias l9 "admin_ssay  [--------Live--------------------------Live--------];w6"
alias l11 "admin_ssay [---------Live------------------------Live---------];w6"
alias l12 "admin_ssay [----------Live----------------------Live----------];w6"
alias l13 "admin_ssay [-----------Live--------------------Live-----------];w6"
alias l14 "admin_ssay [------------Live------------------Live------------];w6"
alias l16 "admin_ssay [-------------Live----------------Live-------------];w6"
alias l17 "admin_ssay [--------------Live--------------Live--------------];w6"
alias l18 "admin_ssay [---------------Live------------Live---------------];w6"
alias l19 "admin_ssay [----------------Live----------Live----------------];w6"
alias l21 "admin_ssay [-----------------Live--------Live-----------------];w6"
alias l22 "admin_ssay [------------------Live------Live------------------];w6"
alias l23 "admin_ssay [-------------------Live-----Live------------------];w6"
alias l24 "admin_ssay [------------------Live-------Live-----------------];w6"
alias l25 "admin_ssay [-----------------Live--------Live-----------------];w6"
alias l26 "admin_ssay [----------------Live----------Live----------------];w6"
alias l27 "admin_ssay [---------------Live------------Live---------------];w6"
alias l28 "admin_ssay [--------------Live--------------Live--------------];w6"
alias l29 "admin_ssay [-------------Live----------------Live-------------];w6"
alias l31 "admin_ssay [------------Live------------------Live------------];w6"
alias l32 "admin_ssay [-----------Live--------------------Live-----------];w6"
alias l33 "admin_ssay [----------Live----------------------Live----------];w6"
alias l34 "admin_ssay [---------Live------------------------Live---------];w6"
alias l35 "admin_ssay [--------Live--------------------------Live--------];w6"
alias l36 "admin_ssay [-------Live----------------------------Live-------];w6"
alias l37 "admin_ssay [------Live------------------------------Live------];w6"
alias l38 "admin_ssay [-----Live--------------------------------Live-----];w6"
alias l39 "admin_ssay [----Live----------------------------------Live----];w6"
alias l41 "admin_ssay [---Live------------------------------------Live---];w6"
alias l42 "admin_ssay [--Live--------------------------------------Live--];w6"
alias l43 "admin_ssay [-d0d0----------------------------------------d0d0-];w6"
alias l44 "admin_ssay [d0d0------------------------------------------d0d0];w6"
alias l45 "admin_ssay [ The Game Is On ];w6"
alias l46 "admin_ssay [ GL & HF ];w6"
alias l47 "admin_ssay [ Say Team Only ];w6"
alias l "l1;l2;l3;l4;l5;l6;l7;l8;l9;l11;l12;l13;l14;l15;l16;l17;l18;l19;l21;l22;l23;l24;l25;l26;l27;l28;l29;l31;l32;l33;l34;l35;l36;l37;l38;l39;l41;l42;l43;l44;l45;l46"//


speak "message(e30) sorry(s40) chemical(e5) report(e10) mister(s20 e40) mass"

echo "                              -d0d0-"
echo "                        [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]"
echo "                          GL & HF"
echo " "
echo " __20%"           
echo " ___30%        Head Shot Only !"                 
echo " ____40%"             
echo " _____50%      enJoy."     
echo " ______60%"         
echo " _______70%          Cfg By -d0d0-" 
echo " ________80%"       
echo " _________90%" 

                                            |                                          |
                                            |        -d0d0- sTyLeE CFG :x        |
                                            |                                          |

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App name: Opera
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User Agent: Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 5.1) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.14

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